Those long summer nights usually have to a nice fire in the backyard, but can cause serious problems if you don't have a proper pit.

One must always be watching their fires as the dry weather at times or if a fire getting too big can lead to fire both big and small.

Okotoks Deputy Fire Chief Patrick MacIsaac says one lack in judgement can lead to a yard fire, or worse.

"Neglect or having too large of a fire for the receptacle would be our number one safety concern," he says.

He says for the most part locally residents are pretty compliant with having fires under control.

"We haven't had many instances of fires we've had to to respond to because of backyard fire-pits," he says.

He adds that the department do get complaints from others on smoke or embers interfering with other people in neighborhoods.

MacIsaac says there are some restrictions that residents need to follow in order to not be fined under municipal by-laws.

"They can only be in your back-yard, you can't have fire-pits in your front yard, you can't have them on a deck," he says. "It's gotta be in a receptacle that's designed for that purpose, it can't be an old tire rim that isn't suitable for a fire."

For more on backyard fire safety contact the Okotoks Fire Department at 403-938-4066.

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