Japan has increased tariffs on frozen beef imports to 50 percent. The action is mainly targeting the U.S., but  includes Canada.

The usual tariff is 38.5 percent,  and will increase the first of August until March of next year.

Lawrence MacAulay, Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food, says they had no warning prior this increase in tariffs.

"It's not something we look forward to seeing happen, but our trade officials are dealing with the trade officials in Japan, and we are dealing with the issue the best we can. That's exactly what's going on at the moment."

4.5 percent of Canada's beef exports went to Japan in 2015.

Japan has been allowed to do this through through a framework which was put into effect in 1994. This framework was supposed to be scrapped under the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

President Donald Trump pulling out of the partnership before it was implemented means American beef producers will have a harder time getting their product to Japan.