It's that time of year!

Time for another online auction for you to SHOP till you DROP. (But not really, because it's online so you can do it from your couch! No dropping necessary!)

A lot of you are familiar with our online auctions but if you aren't a few things you need to know:

1. It boasts items from local businesses and businesses from across the province(s) that you can bid on.

2. You bid on your item over a week period and by the end if you have the highest bid you WIN the item.

3. All items are 60% off their original price! Yes, you read correctly. 60%, majorly discounted just for you! 

(^Your reaction to reading how much you could save lol.)

Now, the auction doesn't go live until March 23rd but this is the perfect time to pre-register so you're ready to go once the auction goes live! 

You can register at any point of the auction but you know what they say, early bird gets the worm! Or in this case, the bid!

So pre-register HERE.

Items you can look forward to in this season's auction include:

- A one night stay at Fairmont Hot Springs Resort 

- 4 game tickets from the Okotoks Dawgs

- Bedroom Suites from Furniture Villa 

- Gear, Clothing and more from Bar T5 Trailers & Tack 

- 3 month membership to Anytime Fitness

And ALL the gift cards to ALL your favorite places! 

Remember, all of these items start off at 60% off their retail you're not buying, you're saving my friend!

Auction goes from March 23rd to March 30th!

Happy auctioning!

~ Shayne 

Okotoks Online Auction