We can expect to hit highs in the 30+ range next week, just in time for the Calgary Stampede.

Operational Meteorologist Eric Van Lochem with Environment and Climate Change Canada says we're hitting temperatures in the 30s.

"Kind of starting Sunday really, we start touching the mid to high 20s and by middle of next week we're probably talking the minimum 30 as a high by Tuesday, Wednesday, and possibly even pushing into the mid 30s by midweek next week. But kind of anywhere between Tuesday and Thursday probably Wednesday, at least in the Calgary area is when the highest odds for the hottest temperatures will be."

As far as precipitation goes, it looks like the Stampede will be free from any rainout days.

"Not at this time. Typically, when we get these big heat waves they're not always accompanied by thunderstorms, it's basically... it's almost too hot to get thunderstorms. So, what tends to happen is you get high pressure and sinking air which sort of precludes you from showers and thunderstorms."

Next Wednesday, July 10th it is forecast to hit 35° Celsius.

Regarding the humidex factor making it feel hotter than it is, Van Lochem says that's also going up.

"Typically, at this time of the year what happens is we start to get all the cropland in Central Alberta those crops are starting to mature as we head into midsummer. And often what happens when it gets this warm the crops start to give off basically the moisture they're absorbing from the ground and if that doesn't get pushed out as is likely to happen in this situation, your dew points come up in conjunction with your warming temperatures so, that raises your humidity and hence your humidex comes up with that."

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