After 9 days of racing at the Cowboys Rangeland Derby it all comes down to the final three wagons.

It's the first year the Calgary Stampede has heats of three wagons instead of four.

And it's all come down to the final three wagons going for the Championship tonight at 8:30 p.m.


CHAMPIONSHIP FINAL HEAT (By Qualification Order)

1 Layne MacGillivray (Spray Lake Sawmills)

2 Kurt Bensmiller (Versatile Energy Services Ltd.)

3 Kris Molle (


Obrey Motowylo was in the running for third and an appearance in the championship heat but outrider penalties cost him and he ended up in fourth overall with Doug Irvine finishing in 5th to complete the top 5.

Saturday was also an especially tough night for Darcy Flad who was started out the night third overall but had a no-time and dropping him out of the final.

This will be Kurt Bensmiller's sixth appearance in the final heat having won it four times.

It's MacGillivray and Molle's first appearance in the final championship heat for the Calgary Stampede.

Locally, High River's Jason Glass had a no-time on Friday so was riding for day money on Saturday finishing 18th and finishes with $27,000 over the nine days.  Jordie Fike, also from the High River area had a fast time of 1:14.89 last night to finish 12th on the night ending up 17th overall with $23,950 in winnings.  Okotoks' Mark Sutherland rolled past the finish line in 22nd and ends the Calgary Stampede in 16th with $28,050 in earnings. 

Here are the 9 day aggregate standings:

1 Layne MacGillivray (11:03.62)

2 Kurt Bensmiller (11:04.03)

3 Kris Molle (11:09.98)

4 Obrey Motowylo (11:11.32)

5 Doug Irvine (11:11.92)

6 Vern Nolin (11:13.23)

7 Chad Fike (11:15.77)

8 Chanse Vigen (11:16.90)

9 Evan Salmond (11:17.15)

10 Troy Dorchester (11:18.74)

11 Kirk Sutherland (11:18.74)

12 Codey McCurrach (11:18.87)

13 Cody Ridsdale (11:19.38)

14 Ross Knight (11:19.53)

15 Dallas Dyck (11:20.28)

16 Mark Sutherland (11:21.00)

17 Jordie Fike (11:21.42)

18 Danny Ringuette (11:21.59)

19 Chance Bensmiller (11:22.09)

20 Roger Moore (11:27.11)

21 Todd Baptiste (11:27.75)

22 Chad Harden (11:37.65)

23 Kris Flanagan (11:37.84)

24 Mitch Sutherland (11:41.44)

25 Troy Flad (11:45.78)

26/27 Darcy Flad (NT)

26/27 Jason Glass (NT)