About 35 curious residents including myself joined Karen Peters of the Okotoks and District Historical Society for the free guided Okotoks Heritage Walking Tour Saturday afternoon, and the weather was perfect for a walk about. She told us some very interesting and little known stories about some historic buildings that are still occupied as either businesses or residences here in the downtown core. Many of these buildings have been moved from their original lots, many have undergone several face lifts, some have sadly been ravaged by fire and were unable to be saved, and  thankfully some have been reconstructed to their previous glory. Karen showed us just a portion of Okotoks history and told us some stories that you won't find in any history books. I have included photos of some of the buildings we stopped at and the different detailed facades.  I included street signs of interest where bits of history took place. Do you recognize the street shot of the hill? That is where the hiway used to be. This tour is a must whether you have lived here all your life or if you are a newcomer. You will look at our town a little differently, remember a story or two that Karen told, and smile the next time you walk down the streets of downtown. We walk by some of these buildings everyday and now we know a few of the stories those old walls can tell. I for one, would like to hear a few more. Thank you Karen Peters, I will be back!