Rugby is back and some players will be shaking off the rust this Saturday at Highwood High School.

Junior's co-ordinator for the Foothills Lions Rugby Club Christie Steel says it's going to be one busy day.

"Highwood High School is hosting their annual Ice Breaker rugby tournament. We've got about 250 athletes coming, so we've got 10 teams in the Foothills area, both boys and girls starting at 10 o'clock in the morning."

And with it being the opening tournament of the season it's more about sportsmanship and gaining some experience, says Christie Steel.

"Every team will get a chance to play all of the other teams in their category; so, the five girls' teams and the five boys' teams. It's mostly just to get everybody some experience before we get too far into our regular league play."

Regular season play started up this week.

The annual Ice Breaker tournament is hosted by Highwood High School and includes teams from Foothills Composite, Holy Trinity Academy, Westmount, Springbank/Oilfields and West Island College in Calgary.