Property values have increased across the local region.

In High River the total assessed value of all properties as of July 1, 2021 comes in at $2,179,966,200, up eight per cent from the year before when it was at $2,017,012,690.

Mayor Craig Snodgrass says that seems about right.

"After the (2013) flood when the conversation was 'should the Province just move the town of High River out of the flood plain and put us on a hill somewhere, that doesn't exist, it was between $5-billion and $6-billion to do that, to move a town like that so with just the property assessments alone being a $2-billion dollar value it's not that surprising to me," he says.

Foothills County's total assessment values rose 5.5 per cent but rose at different levels depending on where they are and the type of property.

Residential property was $7,081,768,840 while non-residential property was valued at $544,907,030 and farmland at $137,098,700 for a total of $7,763,744,570.