High River Council has set the tax rate for this year.

Town administration points out the effect on property taxes, either up or down, depends on the property assessment as of July 1 of last year.

Mayor Craig Snodgrass the Mill Rate going down will be reflective of individual property assessments that drop.

He's looking at this year's rate positively.

"The thing that most people pay attention to is 'is there a tax increase coming' and there will be no tax increase, it's set at zero per cent," he says.

The Mill Rate on residential and farmland properties dropped from 6.8 Mills to 6.469.

For non-residential properties the rate fell from 8.84 last year to 8.39 in 2022.

"The Mill Rate still provides us  the revenue needed, as that's what most of the report that was given to council from Finance was to assure us that even with the reduction in Mill Rates we care still able to fund everything that was in our 2022 budget," Snodgrass says.

Tax notices should be going out in the next few weeks.