A High River woman experienced the 7.6 magnitude earthquake Monday in Mexico.

Jackie Roe and two of her co-workers decided to take a break in Puerto Vallarta after the last couple of tough years at work.

She didn't bargain on the earthquake or what's come after.

"It was very sudden and lasted longer than any tremor that I've experienced and we were concerned, two of us were pool side but one was back in the condo which is a 16 story condo by the beach and we didn't know if she was in the elevator or in the unit itself or where she was," Roe says. "We have had a couple of aftershocks that have woken us up in the middle of the night and we considered packing it all in and coming home but I guess we're either braver than we are smart or we're just determined to have this vacation, I'm not really sure which.

Roe says they did have some minor damage at the condo with tiles lifted slightly and doors that don't close as easily as they did but says there was no broken glass, not a single wine glass fell off a shelf.

The earthquake came less than an hour after a countrywide drill marking major quakes that struck on the same date in 1985 and 2017.

"Many people, because it had been so close to the drill were asking 'is this real?' because it was too coincidental that we'd have the 2017 and the 1985 and now this 2022 on the same date."

One person died in the quake when a wall collapsed at a shopping mall.

The condo where Jackie Roe and her co-workers are staying