High River's mayor wants the community to know the Town's still working diligently when it comes to the biodigester issue at Rimrock Feeders.

Craig Snodgrass says he and councillor Michael Nychyk continue to stay in touch with all the parties involved.

"We work on it on a daily basis, contacting different people and learning more and more about these things and what works and what didn't work so we do have concerns but at the same time we're open to learning and gathering as much information as we can," Snodgrass says.

He's especially interested in Tidewater Renewable's claim that the biodigester will be able to reduce smells from the feedlot by 42 per cent.

"If the statements are true that they can reduce the smell, the existing smell in High River by 42 per cent that is very good news for High River, but I want to see where the 42 per cent number came from, what kinds of studies were done to come up with that number,"

He says there isn't a lot the Town of High River can do at the end of the day, but they do have good working relationships with everyone that's involved, and they want to make sure, if at all possible, there is a solution to the existing smell in High River the Town wants to be part of that.

He says it would be simply unacceptable for the project to make the smell worse.