The High River Performing Arts Foundation has some very lofty goals.

Secretary, Lori Koehler went before councillors recently to bring them up to date on the group's efforts to raise $1- million from the community...

"We have pallet donors, we have a Paint By Number campaign that's taking place, we've had one of a few fundraising events that are on the horizon and we have two major grants that are still pending," she explained.

The building is estimated to cost $6-million and they are in the final stages of a feasibility study.

The Foundation has raised just over $291,000 and 146 of 500 spots have been filled on the Paint by Numbers Tally

Koehler says this, combined with government and community grants will enable the doors of The Venue to open in 2023.

"There's a financial demand for these grants that we've raised enough capital within our own community which is a million dollars, but then also our donor base, so how many people are donating to our building campaign is also really important," Koehler says.

The group is also working toward applying for a Community Vitality Grant through the Town for it's Summer Series of concerts.

They'll also be coordinating Culture Days in September again and just recently took over the community Piano which is just outside Carlson's On Macleod.