High River Library is removing barriers to use their services.

Director Mary Zazelenchuk says library cards are free this year.

"Free library cards can help address those affordability concerns for everyone but especially people who are on fixed incomes, or low incomes, youth who may not have an independent income, and various other groups who could really benefit from accessing the library."

Usually, cards cost $3 for children, $15 for adults, and $25 for a family.

Zazelenchuk says the library board found a couple of key issues holding people back from using their services.

"In the course of developing the library’s 2021 to 2025 strategic plan we found two significant barriers to library use - card fees and lack of knowledge about the library. And we're hoping this initiative will address both of those issues."

You can even fill out your information online or just stop in at 909 1st SW.

You can sign up for a card until December 31st, 2023, which will give you access to their collection of 25,000 items and the Marigold Library System which has more than 85,000 e-books, e-audiobooks and e-magazines.

While the cards are free this year the library won't be able to afford it permanently and they are encouraging businesses and organizations to sponsor library cards next year. You can reach the director via email at director@highriverlibrary.ca

Memberships are free to anyone living in High River or within Foothills County.