Lacrosse season is back for local teams including the High River Heat.

Larry Makortoff says though the Juniors have had some success, it's not all about winning and losing for him.

"The number one thing is to have fun, you can't do anything without having fun," he says. "We're just fortunate enough over the years to have some really good kids come up through the minor system and into our junior system and they were real good players."

He started coaching in 2000 at the Novice level and now coaches the Juniors.

"It's what built the friendships and respect that the players have for each other whether its's at a minor age or a junior level my biggest takeaway is that I can walk down the streets of High River and there's guys that I coached ten, fifteen years ago that come up to you and shake your hand and remember all those things," Makortoff says.

If you're interested in helping out coaching, through the board or in registering to play go to their website.

The Heat will be at the Friday April 1 Calgary Roughnecks game selling 50-50 tickets to raise money for the program.