Landowners on the Highwood River downstream of High River want help from Foothills County.

They want compensation, flood mitigation, or buyouts for their properties.

Mayor Craig Snodgrass says the county's been told to get the money from the town.

"Because all of that money needs to be allocated to specific projects for us to be allowed to spend it, what we need to know is if we are going to hand it over and the (Alberta) government has sent letters, told Foothills County to go ask the Town of High River for remaining funding, which is all great, but we need to know what the process is to be able to transfer those funds, any remaining funds over to Foothills County so that they can do mitigation, buyouts, compensation, these kinds of things for the downstream landowners on the Highwood River."

He says the town has had to be very patient, making sure everything was done and now they're in a position to help those impacted residents of Foothills County.

Snodgrass says it's hard to say how much money is left over since the Town's still waiting for answers from the Province on things like compensation for landowners downstream on the Little Bow.


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