As we start moving into fall, there are many different events coming up for people involved in agriculture.

The Alberta Beef Producers (ABP) is holding their 2017 Fall Meetings across the Province, starting next week.

Bob Lowe, Chair of Association, says everyone is welcome to attend.

"What it is, is it's an opportunity for producers to tell us, as board members of the Alberta Beef Producers Association, what they think is important, and the direction that we should be going in the upcoming year."

Lowe says, it's also an opportunity to find out what the Association has been up to over the last year, and connect with Directors and Staff members of Alberta Beef Producers.

"There is always projects. Our big thing in the upcoming year will be industry funding, of course that's always an issue, and government relations."

There will also be elections happening in Regions 5,8 and 9. No prior registration is required to attend the Fall Meetings.

For a schedule, and to find a meeting near you, visit their website.


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