Highwood's M.L.A. is defending the province's position on health care and how doctors are treated.

George Groeneveld is praising the report released Tuesday by the Health Quality Council of Alberta that found many doctors in the province complaining of being bullied for trying to advocate for their patients.

He says "There's no doubt in my mind that they were going to find what they did find probably, or a lot of it. But you know what it's a pretty well balanced report. You have to read the whole report. There's a good solid side to it and a lot of the myths out there have been dispelled. And there's lot's of good advice for us to follow which I know we will do."

Groeneveld is quick to point out the report also found no evidence of Albertans' with Cancer dying in droves while waiting for treatment.

"They thoroughly, thoroughly went through that one and found out that wasn't true. Some people waited too long in ER, absolutely. But they addressed that. But the sky is not falling. They addressed that too. They said the sky is not falling, we have a good health care system. This is what our recommendations are to move forward with it."

Premier Alison Redford has promised a judicial review of Alberta's health care system.

But Groeneveld points out no where in the report is there a recommendation for such an inquiry.

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