Incidents of graffiti are still commonplace in Okotoks, but they’ve recently seen a decline.

According to Okotoks Municipal Enforcement, they saw 53 incidents of graffiti in town between January and July of 2022.

During the same period this year, 36 incidents were reported, a decrease of 33 per cent.

Municipal Enforcement Manager Vikram Kulkarni says there are likely a few factors contributing to that decrease.

Firstly, peace officers' foot patrols have been increased in problem areas like public parks.

He says two youths were caught spraying graffiti in July.

Kulkarni says awareness among the public has increased greatly since last year, with Okotokians remaining vigilant and being quick to report incidents they’ve come across.

He also attributes some of the decrease to the Alberta Summer Games, with heavily increased foot traffic in public parks and recreation facilities, which are the most common targets for vandals.


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