Local dental offices have gone all out, including everything, even the "gum drop  buttons" for Daher Orthostyles Pay-It-Forward Gingerbread Battle of 2016.

High River Dental's Entry

This annual battle is held every year during the holiday season, giving local offices a chance to win the grand prize, $1000 donated to a charity of their choice.

Runners up and third place prizes follow suit with $750, and $500 donations.  The winner will be chosen based on number of "likes" for their picture on Daher Orthostyles Facebook page.

Nikki Mullings from Cornerstone Dental in Okotoks says they wanted to pay homage to a local cafe for their idea, and it turned out so well!

"So basically they dropped off a gingerbread kit, and said here ya go, have at her! Go as big and large as you'd like to." Mullings says "We thought 'well, it'd be great to pay homage to something local within Okotoks!"

The grand plan was to build the Heartland Cafe building.  They used chocolate Lady Fingers for fencing, black licorice for the clock tower and even incorporated Christmas garland and pine cones to represent the landscaping and bushes.  

Mullings says that their office chose the Heartland Cafe after they celebrated a great summer season there together.

"Dr. Wilson took all of us out and we decided we wanted to go to Heartland Cafe." Mullings adds "It was kind of close to the heart for us as well and we know that it is a local landmark here within Okotoks, and we thought hey! Why not? "

That wasn't the only choice made for being close to the heart, as the office says they will choose the Country Hospice for their donation if they win.

"We wanted to do something amazing and for the group that we have picked this year (if we get any winnings) would be the Foothills Country Hospice Society"  This decision was made after one of the offices assistant's has recently had an experience with the hospice making a decision close to the co-workers hearts.

Cornerstone Dental isn't the only local office in the running's though, as Absolute Dentistry, High River Dental, Highwood Dental, Okotoks Orthodontics, Village Dental and Okotoks Dental all submitted Gingerbread Houses for the battle as well.

You can see all of the pictures from all of the clinics involved as well as vote for your favourite to win by clicking here.  

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Village Dental's entry.