A convoy of truck drivers and other protesters rolled through the Foothills Sunday afternoon.

They reached the top of the hill in the D’Arcy area of Okotoks on Highway 2A/Northridge Drive at about 2:15 p.m.

Approximately 60 truckers, accompanied by 100-150 other vehicles, rolled through as part of the ‘Slow Roll to Freedom.’

This is one of many convoys driving slowly Canada-wide to say that forced vaccinations will not be tolerated, as described in a Foothills Freedom Rally Facebook post about the 'Convoy to End Mandates.'

The procession lasted until almost 3 p.m.

Honking continued throughout and several onlookers waved.

Many had flags or signs attached to their vehicles, or had written messages on windows and the sides of trailers.

Hundreds from the local freedom rally gathered at the bottom of the hill to show their support and cheer them on.

(Photos by Jessica Dezall/Okotoks Online)