A man and two music teachers walk into a bar... Then proceed to blow to top off it! 

The popular Foothills Celtic band Haggis will return this St. Patrick's Day in style and quite possibly, kilts.

The group is made up of two music teachers Mike Deurbrouck and Jeff Graham with Todd Martin as the frontman. The trio of "pub-adelic" musicians has been entertaining the Foothills for over two decades and is set to return with a bang.

"We just want to make people happy and smile again." - Mike Deurbrouck

Todd Martin is excited to bring it all back after a few (not so subtle) hints from the other members. 

"We'd meet each other camping and play a few tunes around the campfire, stuff like that and the boys would drop a hint like 'so what do ya say? Wanna play a gig or two with us?'"

They quickly got to practising again and know that now is the perfect time to get back in front of people.

"We love to feed off the energy and now with the mandates gone and things starting to find their way back to a place where you can be in front of people again. The time just feels right."

Todd Martin plays a mandolin while singing  Todd Martin

Bass player Mike Deurbrouck sees it as a great way to shake off the COVID isolation. 

"I rarely speak for these two" he joked "but collectively we just want to make people happy and smile again. Coming out of this COVID stuff it's going to be awesome. Just a collective sigh of relief." 

The trio takes to the stage on St. Paddy's Day (March 17th) at The George Traditional House in Okotoks from 7-9:30 p.m. 

Martin says to expect a little of everything but with that classic Haggis Celtic flair!

"Our set-list evolved from being east-coast, Great Big Sea inspired 'pub-adelic' music, as Jeff coined it in the beginning. To we'll play whatever you wanna hear. It doesn't matter. The setlist that we have for St. Paddy's Day is going to be east coast Irish music but still lots of dance party music in there."

You do not need tickets to enter and will operate as first come, first serve. 

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