It never rains but it pours.

Vulcan County has missed a lot of rain storms over the last while but the Director of Agricultural services, Kelly Malmberg says that certainly wasn't the case the last few days.

"We finally got our much needed rain and I think it's quite general throughout the county, but that Lomond country up to Milo got some pretty extreme rain on Sunday night, some areas received six to seven inches of rain in the span of a few hours which caused some pretty severe flooding and it was moving grain bins around, it was quite the event," he says. 

There were also reports of a funnel cloud west of Enchant, southeast of Vulcan.

"North of Milo, Armeda got quite a hail storm, ya there's some crazy footage, a lot of water moving like a full blown spring runoff, it's not the best thing to get, it did a lot of erosion on the crops but one thing it did do which will help a lot of those guys out there, I don't think it was a very wide pattern, but it did fill up some much needed dugouts and sloughs that were bone dry from this drought," Malmberg says.

Monday afternoon the county got what Malmberg called a "nice rain" anywhere from an inch to two inches in the last two days that'll go a long way toward helping crops and hay land.