The park run at George Lane Park in High River continues.

In fact, Paige Valgardsen says it's been growing with 29 finishers at their April 29 event, a record number.

She says it's a great way to just get away from everything.

"For me it's definitely where I'm thinking about everything, there's lists but at the same time it's about the only time my mind will actually stop and I can have a clear mind for a few minutes but the nice thing about our event is it's not just for runners we also have beginner runners, joggers and walkers so we always have a tail walker at the end who sweeps the course and makes sure that we are inclusive to all."

Valgardson says Saturday, June 3 they're celebrating their first anniversary so they're planning a big bash.

She says the theme for the event is Fun Socks so runners and walkers are asked to pull out their most garish foot coverings for it.

Participants are asked to meet at the memorial cairn by the Happy Trail at 9:00 a.m. each Saturday.