Foothills County is on the lookout for the person behind a pile of roof shingles dumped on a county road.

The county posted a picture of a large pile of garbage to their Facebook page, saying it had been dumped on 160 St. W.

In the post, they go on to say that taxpayers will have to foot the bill to shift it.

They’re looking for information on who left it there, and are encouraging anyone with info to contact them.

Foothills County Regional Landfill manager Joe Angevine, says this kind of thing is common with crews having to be sent out to retrieve dumped garbage pretty often.

“We have to send our crew out at least, this time of year, two or three times a week. It's different parts of the county, it’s not always the same spot, but there are spots that get used over and over again. Once the snow melts and people start reporting stuff, we’re sending out a crew at least a couple times a week.”

Foothills County Emergency Services Manager Darlene Roblin points out it's not enough to find a piece of mail with someone's address on it to charge them for dumping the debris, because they may not have been the ones who actually dumped it there.

The county is asking anyone with information on the garbage dumper to contact Foothills Patrol at 403-603-6300.