A paving scam seems to be making the rounds in the Foothills.

Cpl. Ryan Eckersley shared details of the suspected scam in the most recent Mountie Moments newsletter.

On May 16, Foothills RCMP received two reports of a man approaching homeowners and offering paving services.

According to Cpl. Eckersley, it's not unheard of for paving companies to solicit smaller jobs in order to use up extra supplies of asphalt, but there were a few details that sounded alarm bells for the residents who were approached.

"What ended up raising red flags to both people who were visited by this individual was his pushiness and amount of pressure to try to get these people to pay money upfront. Wasn't looking for a deposit and then the rest of the funds upon completion of the job, he was looking for full payment upfront and was being quite aggressive just in his demeanour and everything. Both people were actually quite wise to the tactic and didn't feel right about the transactions."

One of the people later searched for the company the person claimed to be working for, and couldn't find any results showing it was a real company.

Someone had written the man a cheque, though luckily RCMP intervened and contacted the bank.

The suspect did attempt to cash the cheque in Calgary and was unsuccessful, and RCMP is working with the branch to identify him.