A fire cadet program through the High River Fire Department continues to be a success.

Fire Chief Cody Zebedee says they have a dozen students taking part this year.

"We continue to support our high school program, which is the Foothills Emergency Services Program, we're engaged with a bunch of the local high schools, providing a fire training program for the students that they also receive credits from, it's been a great year," he says.

ATCO has helped sponsor the program which provides a bursary at the end of the school year that students can apply for.

Students come from both the Foothills public school division and the Christ the Redeemer Catholic school division.

"2023 was a remarkable year for us where we ended up partnering with ATCO and they provided some sponsorship to the program just to help keep the program going and then there's also, at the end of the year, a bursary that the students in the program can apply for and we award that student and that's part of ATCO's role," Zebedee explains.

He says they're always looking at expanding the program, but it comes down to having enough instructors and other logistics to make it work.