Foothills County has released the results of a survey on the 306 Avenue and 32 Street areas.

The intention of the survey was to gauge residents' and commuters' perceptions of the area, and of what changes they'd like to see if any.

Participants answered questions concerning speed limits, safety, traffic, and potential traffic control additions.

Just over 200 people participated.

Over 70 per cent were happy with the speed limit on 306 Ave, but only 55 per cent said the same about 32 Street, with close to 34 per cent feeling it was too low.

When it comes to the volume of both roads, respondents were split. 49 per cent of respondents showed very little concern with the level of traffic on 306 Avenue, with 56 saying they were very concerned. When it comes to 32 Street, 58 said they weren't concerned, with 51 saying they were.

Responses were more decisive regarding concerns for the safety of the intersection at Highway 2A and 306 Avenue. While 29 said they weren't concerned at all, 101 showed great concern.

Participants were asked what they'd think of a set of traffic lights at that intersection. Close to 60 per cent of respondents were in favour, with 33.33 per cent answering "no," and the remaining 6.8 per cent saying they had no preference.

The survey also floated the idea of a multi-use pathway between Okotoks and 338 Avenue, running along 32 Street.

Again, just under 60 per cent supported the idea, with participants supporting the use of the pathway by pedestrians and cyclists. Interestingly, 93 of the 204 respondents said they weren't likely to make use of it, with 51 saying they'd only use it one to four times a month.

The full report can be seen here.