Foothills County patrols have been clocking speeders going far above the posted speed limits.

On July 18th a driver was caught driving 55 km/h over the speed limit but not to be outdone another driver that same day was stopped doing 91 km/h over the limit.

Emergency Services Manager Darlene Roblin says July is the month where we see the highest rate of fatal collisions in Alberta.

"Over 65 per cent of fatality crashes that happen in Alberta happen in rural locations, so we need to understand that it may not be as busy as driving the Deerfoot in Calgary, but in terms of the terrible consequence that collisions have on rural roads it counts for the vast majority of fatalities in this province."

She says with the technology available in vehicles these days it's easier to get up to these high speeds but roads were not designed for those speeds.

"As well, other users of the road are not expecting another vehicle to be coming at them at 190 km/h," she says. "When another driver is looking to make a left-hand turn across traffic they're not seeing a vehicle generally driving that fast, so it is just a recipe for collisions and injuries and unfortunately fatalities."

Aside from the obvious danger to life, Roblin points out that drivers who are ticketed will have a mandatory court appearance and can expect an increase in their insurance rates with the demerits they'll receive along with fines and licence suspensions.

Here are some examples provided by Foothills County Patrol:

July 14, 2022 - 74 km/h over posted limit on Highway 540 near 658 Ave. a driver was caught on radar doing 174 km/h in posted 100 zone.

On July 18, 2022 - 91 km/h over posted limit on Highway 547 near 206 St. East where a driver was caught on radar doing 191 km/h in posted 100 zone

And on July 18, 2022 - 55 km/h over posted limit on 64 St. West near 198 Ave. a driver was caught on radar doing 105 km/h in posted 50 zone