For the second time this week, Foothills County has been mostly untouched by a major spring snowstorm.

A snowfall warning was placed on Calgary earlier today (April 22) with the airport reporting around 13 centimetres, with 8 centimetres falling in the span of just an hour and a half.

It's not as much as the city saw on Tuesday, with 22 centimetres reported, but it still proved problematic for commuters.

Cochrane and Airdrie which were hit hardest on Tuesday also got a warning of their own.

Meanwhile, municipalities in the Foothills saw light flurries but didn't need to scramble snow plows or even break out the shovels.

Luckily, Environment & Climate Change Canada Meteorologist Brian Proctor says this won't be a trend, with a spat of warm weather headed our way.

"It looks like we could see daytime highs in the mid to upper teens for Monday/Tuesday at this point in time, then we cool off again as we get into the end of the week next week. We've got a bit of an upper ridge building in over from British Columbia, it's really helping to warm things up as the weekend evolves. Then it sort of sags off and collapses and allows cooler air to spill in for Wednesday, Thursday, Friday for the coming work week."

He says the Foothills should continue to steer clear of major snowfall, though some precipitation is expected next week.

"It's really going to depend on what time of day that precipitation occurs. Our overnight lows are floating around -2, -3 for that period with daytime highs around 5 degrees. We could see a bit of wet flurry activity in the overnight hours into the early morning hours and maybe going towards rain showers in the afternoon, but it's really going to depend on the timing of that precipitation event."

Today's snowfall was due to the same kind of convective band that brought snowfall to Calgary on Tuesday.