We all have one....that one meal our parents made for us as kids that ABSOLUTELY traumatized us. 

Some of us still live with the trauma, well into our adult years. lol. 

For me, it was a dish my mom made, it was a....casserole.

But wait...there's more. It was a spaghetti noodle, chunks of ham, broccoli, bread crumb.....casserole. 

I just always felt like all of those ingredients didn't really go together and it was just like... all leftovers we had sitting in the fridge, so it was very weird in my mind. 

Sorry, mom! I love you but I don't love that casserole! lol. 

So, what was that meal for you? The meal that had you trembling at the very mention of it being made. The meal that you still can't eat as an adult because you're scarred!😷

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 And also if you want to try, what I'm calling, "the leftovers" casserole - click HERE.

 Enjoy! (or not)