One of the UCP nominees who lost out in the Highwood Riding election back in October is speaking out about irregularities in the process leading up to it.

Carrie Fischer, who finished second on the ballot says she heard things during the nomination process that "raised red flags."

"After the vote, having a conversation with our team and then calls that I received from other constituents and board members and members of the party. Once I started getting all of those complaints or concerns shared with me and started compiling them all, I felt there was a need to raise it to the attention of the party for their consideration."

Among other things, Fischer wrote a seven page report to party officials outlining in great detail her concerns

The response from UCP leadership was, there wasn't enough evidence to recommend the Party overturn the Highwood nomination result.

Fischer says she was hoping for more.

"I was hoping for at least the respect of a proper investigation. I gave a lot of time and energy to this party. I gave a lot of time and energy through this nomination process. I put my name on a ballot for them. I was hoping that that would give me some consideration when I'm bringing allegations and evidence to them. I had hoped that they would have at least considered it seriously."

Fischer says she's asked about the appeal process and is waiting to hear from the Party.

Current Highwood MLA Wayne Anderson has also launched an appeal, not to the Party, but instead to Elections Alberta.