The first of what is hoped to be weekly park runs gets underway Saturday, June 4 at High River's George Lane Park.

Paige Valgardson says the aim is to improve people's health and increase environmental awareness.

She started doing them while running in Australia.

"There I was able to get involved with the community and really connect with other people and that's where park run can help you build communities, these are talking about a happier, healthier planet where after our activity we can also get together and talk and go for coffee," she explained.

She points out you can also walk, jog, volunteer or just watch the event.

"I think for me it's (running) just about being with yourself, your mind and clarity for me, you don't have just be able to run and it's a 5-k so it's a really easy distance for anybody to participate in," Valgardson says.

It starts at 9 a.m. but participants are asked to arrive ten minutes early for their briefing.

Participants will meet up by the Happy Trail by the memorial cairn where the Happy Trails meet up with the berm.