The long delayed and much anticipated High River Fire Hall Open House is set.

Fire Chief Cody Zebedee says they're excited to finally get to show off the station.

"We moved into the building in September of 2021 is when we kind of officially moved in and with all the COVID stuff that was going around we weren't able to house an actual open house and then have the community in and so now that a bunch of the restrictions have been reduced we're now going to be welcoming the community in the station and letting them have a look at the space and see some trucks," Zebedee says.

They'll also be pairing with Emergency Preparedness Week, showing off the Emergency Operations Centre and there'll be other members of local emergency services like the RCMP and Municipal Enforcement.

"We're super excited to have the new space and it's definitely been well received by staff and it's given us a really nice home," Zebedee says.

The Open House goes Saturday May 7 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.