Another good night for locals at the Rangeland Derby in at the Calgary Stampede.

High River's Jordie Fike had the second fastest time of the night, just being edged out by Kurt Bensmiller by a hundredth of a second.

That moves Fike to within striking distance of the top eight wagons with two nights of racing left to qualify for Semi-Final Saturday.

Fike climbs to 13th spot, just behind Okotoks Mark Sutherland in 12th.

Sutherland was 15th Wednesday night.

High River's Jason Glass continues to run hot, as he was eighth Wednesday and jumps a couple of more spots overall, moving from seventh to fifth.

Bensmiller leads the aggregate followed by Mike Vigen, Vern Nolin, Logan Gorst, Glass, Jamie Laboucane, Kelly Sutherland and Colt Cosgrave, who round out the top eight.

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