The smell of cattle manure has wafted over High River for the last while sending residents scrambling to close windows on some of the hottest days of the year.

A number of complaints have been made and Foothills County Reeve Delilah Miller says it's been especially offensive at times.

"From what I understand, and I haven't confirmed this with Rimrock is they have changed their feed schedule and so the smell seems to be extra potent over the last couple of weeks, and the how weather didn't help," she says. 

She says Rimrock is working on a longer-term solution.

"They're also actively involved with a new system that should alleviate, we're hearing like 98 per cent of the smell so one that takes shape it should help immensely," Miller says.

She confirms there have been complaints from some neighbours and people in High River living east of the feedlot.