Foothills MP and Conservative Ag critic John Barlow says a move to label ground beef as "high in saturated fat" simply doesn't make sense.

He says the Conservatives are trying to get Health Canada to put a stop to the plan.

"We're trying to show them A, how inconsistent it is, B, how detrimental it is and C, how non-sensical it is so we're taking a variety of different approaches to this to that there's no rhyme or reason why we should be doing this, no one is asking for this, it's going to increase the price of groceries, it's a $2-billion burden on the industry and it's going to be a trade irritant for Canada as we try to sell our products around the world," he says.

He says ground beef is a wholesome single ingredient affordable protein that many families rely on that's going to have a warning label on it, but he points out diet soda, energy drinks and many snacks are not going to have a warning label on them, causing lots of confusion.

"You could have a perfectly good roast that's not going to have a warning label on it but the second they put it through a grinder or make it into hamburger, all of a sudden it's unsafe?"

He says they do appear to be getting some traction with Health Canada but calls it just another attack on Canadian farmers using a policy that's driven by activism not science.