A government grant will provide an important asset to the young community of Diamond Valley. 

The Town of Turney Valley has received a $40,000 federal grant to implement that CityWide Maintenance Manager software for asset management.

As far as what asset management is when it comes to municipalities, it’s exactly what it sounds like; municipalities taking inventory of their infrastructure and facilities, and assess their condition.

Diamond Valley’s Chief Administrative Officer Corinne Middleton says it goes a long way in preventing unexpected costs of repair and maintenance and allows for town council to prepare their budget accordingly.

“It allows you to kind of prioritize when you’re going to do particular infrastructure projects based on the condition of those assets… It’s really meant o be proactive and meant to look at your reserves to assess if you have the appropriate reserve amount for those assets in place, knowing that in five years you might replace them.”

The Town of Turner Valley applied for the grant back in 2020, which is why it wasn’t given to the now-amalgamated Town of Diamond Valley.

Middleton says it’ll still be used mainly in the former Turner Valley region.

“This project was specific to Turner Valley, but we’ll continue that asset management on the Turner Valley side. Certainly, the two organizations will come together, and we’ll continue to work on it collectively under Diamond Valley.”

The funding will go toward the asset management itself as well as the implementation of the CityWide Maintenance Manager software and the training that comes with it.