We're in for another sweltering summer in Alberta, or so says the Farmer's Almanac.

They've released their 2022 summer forecast, predicting a "sizzling summer" with a fair amount of rain for the prairies.

On-and-off squalls could characterize the first few weeks and could even put a damper on Canada Day festivities, says the Farmer's Almanac.

They predict the hottest of the hot to come in late July to early August, with highs in the 30s to mid-30s.

Luckily, rain is expected to break up days of "blistering heat." 

By mid-August, the worst of the heat is expected to pass, with the possibility of September snow, predicts the almanac.

The Farmer's Almanac has been making long-term weather predictions since 1818, and has remained in regular publication from its inception.