Three young girls have died after a farm accident near Withrow, AB on Tuesday.

Rocky Mountain House RCMP say the girls were playing on a load truck of canola on their family farm when they became buried and started to suffocate. Two girls, ages 11 and 13, died on site, despite efforts from adults on scene and emergency personnel, while the third girl died in an Edmonton hospital Wednesday morning.

Glen Blahey of the Canadian Agricultral Safety Association says it is a tragic accident, and in order to prevent future accidents like this one, it's important that adults talk to kids more about farm safety.

"We, as an agricultural sector, need to learn from this and we need to talk about safety on the farm openly," he says. "Good effective communications and discussion about hazards and so on are really the key to keeping any work operation safe. Making assumptions that people know or understand what is expected of them or what the hazards are... you never make assumptions like that. You have to have a conversation, you have to talk about it."

Blahey says whether the child lives on the farm or is visiting, they don't have the life experiences, physical abilities, or cognitive skills to anticipate the outcome or severity of a farm accident, as compared to an adult.

Blahey says the conversation should start with farmers ensuring they understand safety concerns about the equipment and products they buy and being careful of what kids are doing on the farm.

In a statement, the family of the three girls thanked first responders, neighbours, and friends for their support, and says they do not regret raising their daughters on the farm, as it was a part of their life.