Recently we have been victim of an online scam blitz. 

These are tricky comments and groups that pose as the main page and ask people to fill out a form to claim an "AMAZING" prize with immediate pressure to complete.

Usually having a similar profile picture and name. Looking closely you can see it's different but it's difficult to tell right away.

It looks like this...

a screenshot of a scam

Obviously, they are not us. 

We will never ask to fill out a form that isn't on our own page. 

We will always contact you through DM or over the phone if you have given us permission to call.

If you are skeptical PLEASE contact us through social or by phone (403) 938-0652.

How do I avoid scams like this?

How to recognize a fake Facebook account

Here are some tips to discern whether the account is authentic:

  • Check the photo Compaire with the page you know or by copying the URL into Google Images. This way, you’ll be able to see if the account owner used a photo taken from the internet.
  • Check if the profile URL matches the account name. If the account has been hacked, these two pieces of data may not match
  • Inspect the information available on the account—including groups the person is a part of, friends, and their location. Tip: if their friends seem to be scattered across the globe, this isn’t a good sign. What’s more, if you find very little information or suspicious details, be on guard.
  • In the case of Facebook pages, make sure they are verified. (the blue check) If they have few or no posts, are riddled with spelling errors, or have very few “likes”, it’s a good idea to be careful here as well.