Alberta's Chief Medical Officer of Health addressed the spread of avian influenza in Alberta earlier this week.

The spread of the virus has been ongoing in Canada since 2021 and has led to the death of over 1.7 million farm birds in the country.

During the latest COVID update on May 4, Hinshaw addressed some concerns over avian influenza, particularly as it pertains to humans.

"There have been no cases in people in Alberta and it is very rare for people to be infected with avian influenza. There is currently one case under investigation in the United States, however, this involves an individual who had very close contact with infected poultry."

She went on to say that public health nurses are contacting impacted farmers this week to make sure they're aware of how to keep family and workers safe amid the spread.

As for Albertans who are concerned about eating poultry or egg products, Dr. Hinshaw says there's no risk, as long as they're prepared correctly.

"This food is safe to eat if properly cooked. Avian influenza virus is destroyed at the temperatures required to cook meat or eggs as would routinely be done."

Alberta has been hit particularly hard by the recent spread of bird flu, with nearly 900,000 bird deaths in the province.

More information on biosecurity habits to protect poultry and prevent disease can be found here.