Oh deer, looks like the lineup could get long if all the deer start lining up for double-doubles.

Jessica Middleton posted this picture on the Okotoks Community Discussion Facebook page.

Middleton was just in town doing some Christmas shopping when she saw the deer approach the drive-thru.

"I thought it was a pretty good moment. It was one of those 'I have to pull the phone out'. People on the other side of this country don't usually see that kind of thing. It's funny because I've got family in Ontario, and they came out to visit, I lived in Turner Valley for a couple of years, and every time they'd come out, they'd say 'we just can't believe in Okotoks and Turner Valley how many deer there are because we've seen more deer in this trip than we have our whole lives in Ontario'. And I told them 'yeah, they're pretty brave too' so I had to send them this photo when I took it. They couldn't believe it."

Jessica now lives in Granum and says she does miss all the deer in Okotoks.

Happy Friday!