It's going to be a busy weekend on the highways.

It's the long weekend and farmers are busy with seeding and will be moving equipment from field to field.

The communications coordinator for the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association Robin Anderson says it's important that everyone is patient, stay alert, and respects each other:

"One thing that I would like to stress, especially to motorists is that left turn collisions can be incredibly severe. That's when a piece of farm equipment is going to make a left-hand turn, lots of times they will swing to the right to make that very wide left turn. Motorists might think that piece of equipment is turning right and will try and pass them and that leads to a collision."

She notes for farmers it's important to make sure the equipment is ready for the road.

"Pre-checking all equipment before heading out on the roads is really essential. Making sure that slow-moving vehicle emblem,  lights all those things are working, and making sure that the loads are secure. It's really important for everyone hitting the road,  just to make sure everything is in good operating condition."

Farmers should also know and keep in mind the size of the equipment they're driving especially when on narrow roads, approaching train tracks, bridges, and underpasses.

She notes when possible using pilot vehicles when moving equipment is a good idea.

Anderson says while she knows just slowing down behind equipment can be frustrating, it's important to be patient.

"These farmers are out there feeding us,  so just taking our time and respecting each other on the road is huge."

To hear Glenda-Lee's conversation with Robin Anderson click on the link below.