An acclaimed Diamond Valley brewery has big plans for a major expansion.

Brauerei Fahr has purchased a five-acre parcel of land in Diamond Valley, where they plan to build a multi-million dollar brewing facility.

President and founder Jochen Fahr says the process has taken about two years, and he's thrilled to be moving forward.

"Where we currently are, it used to be a welding shop on Kennedy Drive behind the legion in the Turner Valley part of Diamond Valley. It's about a 5,4000-square-foot facility. So far we've served Alberta, BC, and Saskatchewan. We're planning on expanding to the states and really getting more production going. We're essentially at the limit in the current facility. The new facility is going to be five times the size, about 25,000 square feet."

He'd like to make use of all that extra space by opening a restaurant and event space in the new building.

"The sky is the limit on this one. On five acres, 25,000 square feet is about an eighth of the total square footage of the property. There's a lot of space for growth, potentially. That's what I found with our current facility, it was good for the first few years but we outgrew that on me really quickly so I wanted to avoid that this time around."

With the increase of space and plans for other services at the brewery, he's also hoping to create some local jobs.

He describes his decision to remain in the Diamond Valley area as a no-brainer.

"When I first came to Turner Valley, it really reminded me of where I'm from. I'm from a small town in the foothills of the Alps. You can see a lot of parallels in the area, in the people, everywhere. I keep saying you can take the boy out of the small town but you can't take the small town out of the boy. The support that I've gotten from locals, from council, all levels really, has been just overwhelmingly positive for us and for me. It makes me proud to have made that decision."

He's aiming to start construction next year and open up the new facility the year after, though he says there are always untold variables with big projects like this.