The amalgamation of Turner Valley and Black Diamond has been a long time coming, but as of January 2023, they will officially combine to form the Town of Diamond Valley.

After an Order in Council from the Lieutenant Governor, recommended by Municipal Affairs Minister Ric McIver, the long-awaited amalgamation has been solidified.

Turner Valley Mayor Barry Crane is relieved to finally have it locked down.

"Together, we've always been stronger. Now we've finalized hat through this process. The Government of Alberta has been super supportive through it, all the previous councils, administrators, and present-day councillors are behind it, and the residents are ready for this to finally be the end chapter and the start of a new chapter."

One of the hurdles along the way was the October 2021 municipal election, which saw a fair amount of turnover in Black Diamond, including a new mayor.

Crane gave the council kudos for how quickly they got up to speed.

"New councillors have to drink from the fire hose of information, and Black Diamond had to do that real fast with the minister asking for a revote in affirmation of amalgamation. I've known Mayor Kelly for about ten years, we have a great relationship and his new councillors have all been dedicated to the task, so as much information as it was to absorb, we'd done a good enough job in relaying to the public what the intent of amalgamation was, so everyone had a certain level of comfort. They just needed to know fine details, and they got there."

An election will be held on November 28, ahead of the town's incorporation on January 1.