It's hard enough to stand naked in front of someone else, let alone in front of five other ladies and a crowd of peering eyes.

But, remember, the six women in Calendar Girls aren't naked—they're nude.

That simple swap of a word helps bring you into the story of how these real life women came to end up in a bare-skinned, calendar photo-shoot to raise money to buy a sofa for a hospital where Angela Baker's husband, John, spent his final days after fighting a battle with Leukemia.

Over the past 15 years, the calendar went on to raise millions of dollars for Leukemia research.

The amazing part about the Dewdney Players production is how they have stayed true to the story.

The ladies themselves created a calendar to raise money for the Foothills Country Hospice Society.

All six women you see in the play dropped their robes and posed nude for the 12 months of the year, and have already sold hundreds of copies.

But while the calendar is a feat in itself, seeing the production of Calendar Girls on stage gives you a real look into how the calendar came to be, and how the brave 30 to 60-somethings found the courage within themselves to pose naked, sorry, nude, for the photographs.

Wonderful performances by Jane Philips, Nicola Payton, Sue Gothard, Anne-Marie Cotton, Tracy Wyman, and Cami Ryan, along with stellar direction from Sherene Schmidtler, makes Calendar Girls come to life and reminds us that a small group of people can do amazing things.

Not only does the play shine light on the women's commitment and friendship, it gives us a look into the world of how we cope with losing a loved one.

It shows the importance of sticking together through one of the toughest times in someones life, and reminds of those in our lives who have been touched by cancer.

The show, which opens to the public Friday night, brings the play by Tim Firth, based on the 2003 movie of the same name, based on the true story, wonderfully to life and will likely leave you with your sides hurting and your heart feeling in the right place.

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~Dan Bascombe