Okotoks Dayton Sutherland had a 13th place finish on night one of the chucks in Dawson Creek Wednesday, August 9, which is not bad for the second year driver.

He says he'll have to race tough over the next couple of nights as the track's a little heavier than he expected and he gets shifted to the outside barrels.

"They were doing some last minute construction on the track yesterday (Wednesday), and it wound up being heavy, so I'll change horses so I have a bit more run

Sutherland, who sit's 32nd in the WPCA World Standings, says he's not worried about having to compete in a run-off this year.

In years past only the top 30 drivers would automatically be invited back to compete the following year, while those on the outside would have to run-off to get back in or lose their spot to an up and comer.

However, Sutherland says that's not the case anymore, thanks to the economy, which is keeping people out of taking up the sport.

He says right now, it's all about getting into the Calgary Stampede, with it's higher profile and bigger paydays.

"What everyone is worried about is that demo spot one in Calgary and making an actual race spot in Calgary for the 2019 season."

He says it's no longer based solely on the standings but other criteria like experience and safe driving records

Sutherland says he'd like to get as high as 28th before the end of the season.