The organizers of The Annual Davisburg Turkey Suppers know what they are doing.

The following is courtesy of Diana Froc

The 2015 Turkey Supper was the 6th year for the event. We started out not knowing what to expect and have been pleasantly surprised/overwhelmed each year. Lynore Park has been an amazing coordinator for the event since its inception. So many others are integral to making the event happen with volunteers starting at the beginning of September helping with preparation of stuffing, hanging up signs, organizing ticket sales, planning, making pies, cutting vegetables, preparing pastry, putting up tents, decorating, organizing traffic, cooking, serving, making jam, baking, taking photos, making auction items, ..... Every year I am amazed when folks so generously donate their time and resources to make the Turkey Supper happen.

For the past five years Hansel and Gretel catering have cooked our turkeys, potatoes, and gravy for us. This is huge for us and Harry and Martine do it very quietly as a donation. Many others have a longstanding tradition of helping us, including Sobeys & Safeway in Okotoks, the Western Wheel, the Eagle - Golden West Radio, MD of Foothills, Contain A Way,... This year Warner Structures (WSSL) donated two large tents that we added to the High River Rotary tent to give us more indoor space. The amount of support that we receive from business donations both through sponsorship and items for the silent auction is incredible.

The Turkey Supper is a fundraising event for Davisburg that supports recreation plus upgrades to the hall. More importantly than the event being a fundraiser is the way that it brings our community together. Well over 100 volunteers of all ages offer their energy to make the day great and then another 650 buy tickets and come out to enjoy the day. We've sold out for the past two years and are looking forward to keeping the tradition going for many more to come.

Diana Froc