A fundraiser event benefitting the Okotokians who lost their homes in a recent house fire is happening Saturday, Sept. 17.

Two local dance fitness/Zumba instructors Tamara Boivin and Kim McClain have organized a dance fundraiser, with Motion Fitness providing the space for the event.

The event is a 90-minute dance fitness party with several instructors in attendance, though it's designed to be accessible to anyone rather than an intense workout session.

Boivin says it'll be a return to these events, which took place regularly before the pandemic.

"These events, pre-pandemic, we were doing every few months as a community builder and so this opportunity came because we wanted to help these families. We decided this would be the first big party coming back, and we thought we'd make it as a donation."

Afterwards, they'll be heading to Big Beaver Brewing for an afterparty and silent auction.

All proceeds from ticket sales and the auction will be donated to the two households whose homes were destroyed in the Sept. 4 house fire in Sheep River Place.

It's a chance to show support in more ways than one, says Boivin.

"The two households are actually going to be joining us for that night, so if they can be wrapped in love from the community physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, that would be really great."

Attendees are asked to wear red to signify love and giving.

Tickets are $20 before the event and $25 at the door if any are still available.

It's scheduled for 7-8:30 p.m., and those interested can email kimmydawn9@hotmail.com