Several small spot fires within a two kilometre area of Kananaskis Country have been brought under control late this afternoon.

Anastasia Drummond, a wildfire information officer in the Calgary Forest Area says crews went to work on the fire Thursday about noon but because of the lack of cell service they couldn't stay overnight.

"They were there on scene first thing this morning, we have about 12 wildland firefighters, we started the day with two helicopters bucketing, we bolstered those resources up to four helicopters right now," she says.

The fire is near the Smith-Dorian highway near Highway 40 and because of its remoteness crews aren't able to walk or drive in and it has to be fought from the air.

The fire didn't grow overnight but Drummond says winds are picking up and they expect to see more activity, but it should remain within that two kilometre perimeter that's been established.

Alberta Wildfire is urging everyone out in the backcountry to be very careful.

"We don't know how this one got ignited, it is under investigation, we're hoping to have those answers in the coming days, but it is a good reminder that it is very dry out there," she stresses. "Regardless of how this one started we just can't have any more starting, we need to keep these resources on site to be able to battle this existing wildfire and not be pulled away to action a new one, so we're just asking everyone to be extremely vigilant over the coming days and weeks."

Alberta Parks has been proactive closing some areas to allow firefighters to do their work.